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    Choosing the right edition
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    GdPicture.NET SDKs are vast and enormous, containing many features. That however, does not mean we have not made it easy for you to navigate through and easily find what suits your needs best.

    Through our Comparison Matrix, you can see which SDK version contains what features. Once you have made a list of the features you intend your program to have, you can easily make a check list of the SDKs you want based on those features.

    You can also visit our Product Selector, in which you choose the features you want, and it shows the SDK which supports it as well as the price in return.
    Once you have made your selection, all you have to do is click the Calculate button, which will in turn sum up the cost of your selections, and give you the option of choosing how many developer licenses you which to purchase.
    Changing the number of developers will recalculate the amount for you automatically.