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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function allows you to instantiate the printing process without displaying the DocuVieware dialog box.

    DirectPrint: function (docuViewareID, options, success, error)


    The identifier for the DocuVieware™ instance you want to download the current document from.
    An optional JavaScript object specifying the printing options. It has the following prototype:
       removeAnnontations: boolean,
       range: string,
       destination: integer

    removeAnnotations is a boolean specifying if annotations must be removed from the printed pages. (false by default).
    - range is a string specifying the range of pages to print. Use "*" or empty string to print all pages. ("*" by default).
    - destination is an integer specifying the printing destination. Use 0 for printer and 1 for PDF document. (0 by default).

    A function that will be executed upon success.
    A function that will be executed upon error.

    Return Value

    1 if error, 0 if success.