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    Gallery demo
    In This Topic

    This sample application demonstrates DocuVieware™ as a document reader application alongside a document gallery containing various document formats such as PDF, TIFF, DOCX files but also JBIG2, JPEG, DICOM, SVG and many others.

    You will be able to choose the document to display and then annotate and browse the it (in case it is multipage) and when applicable, search for text or use bookmarks navigation.

     Points of interest
    • How to load a document dynamically on user action using a Custom Action
    • How to retrieve document type, page count and generate a thumbnail server side using the GetDocumentPreview method
    • Bookmark Snap-In showing the document bookmarks if any and allowing direct navigation
    • Thumbnails Snap-In showing all the document pages and allowing direct navigation
    • Search Snap-In that allows you to search for text in the current document
    • Save the document (partially or all of it) with or without the annotations as a PDF or a TIFF document
    • Print the document (partially or all of it) to either an actual printer or to a file output, with or without the annotations.
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