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    Getting started with DocuVieware Lite
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     What is DocuVieware Lite™

    DocuVieware Lite™ is a 100% Free Universal HTML5 Document Viewer that allows you to display more than 100 file formats including DOCX, TXT, PDF, SVG, WMF, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JBIG2, JPEG 2000, WEBP, RAW camera formats and many more.

    It comes with a built-in toolbar that allows easy and intuitive document navigation, zoom and rotation operations and offers the same high level performances and client/server optimizations than DocuVieware™.

    DocuVieware™ Comparison Matrix

    DocuVieware™ DocuVieware Lite™
    Rich User Experience
    Modern HTML5/AJAX control
    Zero-footprint solution
    Fast & crystal clear rendering
    Cross-platform, any browser
    Mobile device friendly & responsive design
    UI localization (25 supported languages)
    Fully customizable UI look & feel
    Full Unicode support
    Document Imaging Capabilities
    Support of 100+ file formats
    Document processing support
    Access to over 3000 GdPicture.NET imaging features
    Built-in annotations
    TWAIN acquisition support
    PDF Form fields support
    Support for custom Snap-ins
    Fully Featured Viewer
    Document navigation, zooming & page rotation
    Document printing & saving
    Text selection
    Area selection
    Thumbnails Snap-in
    Powerful text search Snap-In
    PDF Bookmarks Snap-in
    Redaction Snap-in
    Digital Signature Snap-in
    Efficient Architecture
    Easy integration
    High-level performance optimizations
    Server-side .NET API
    Client-side JavaScript API

    Sticky sessions mode can be disabled with DocuVieware™, however, this mode is mandatory with DocuVieware Lite™.

    Complete description of all the available features can be found here:

    DocuVieware Lite™ requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or above.

    Before diving into your first project, please download install the latest release available on our download page here:

    Unlike DocuVieware™, DocuVieware Lite™ does not require that you register the license key within the license manager application. The license key you received is already registered and pre-activated.

    The DocuVieware Lite™ license key also serves for both development and deployment.

     DocuVieware Lite™ demo application

    A complete document gallery demo application is provided within the SDK installation package. It comes in both ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Razor with complete source code.

    This demo application can be found in the \Samples\ASP.NET\DocuVieware Lite\ folder that is in your SDK installation folder.

     DocuVieware Lite™ tutorials

    Easily integrate DocuVieware Lite™ to your web applications by following those two very detailled and heavily illustrated step-by-step guides that will walk you through the whole process:

    - For an ASP.NET Web Forms integration, please refer to the ASP.NET Web Forms DocuVieware Lite integration tutorial.

    - For a MVC Razor integration, please refer to the MVC Razor DocuVieware Lite integration tutorial.

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