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    Image Cleanup demo
    In This Topic

    This sample application demonstrates DocuVieware™ as an application designed to clean up documents that have been acquired.
    It comes with a pre-loaded document that contains various processing candidates that will conveniently allow you to test the cleanup features available in the demo.

    Operations that you will be able to use are black borders cropping, deskew, punch holes removal, negative, despeckle as well as 90° rotation in both ways.

    Please note that the black border cropping internally calls the DeleteBlackBorders method from the GdPictureImaging class which requires a 1-bit per pixel image.
    Therefore, this method cannot be applied to the last page which is a gray scale image.
     Points of interest
    • How to trigger server side code dynamically on user action using a Custom Action
    • How to access GdPicture.NET™ features server side and work on the loaded document
    • Thumbnails Snap-In showing all the document pages and allowing direct navigation
    • Save the document (partially or all of it) with or without the annotations as a PDF or a TIFF document
    • Print the document (partially or all of it) to either an actual printer or to a file output, with or without the annotations.
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